Do you often wonder how to choose your pumps? Here are some tips for making your choice.

Pumps: fashion footwear through history and outfits

Fashion is constantly changing, but there are a few accessories that remain timeless, including the famous pumps. This must-have for women’s wardrobes, renowned for its elegant look, goes well with all outfits: chic, casual, boyish…
Discover in this file the history of pumps and how they managed to become essential accessories today.

Pumps: masculine accessories!

If these days, pumps are typically feminine accessories, originally they were specially designed for men .

This story dates back to the time of ancient Egypt. At that time, these shoes were used to protect the feet of butchers from bloodstains. Then, the Mongols also adopted heeled shoes to better stand in their stirrups.

In the 17th century, shoes with heels became a synonym of nobility and aristocracy . Indeed, pumps have become a fashion at the Court of Versailles. Even King Louis XIV wore them. This era considerably revolutionizes the history of pumps, because both men and women could wear these shoes with heels.

Today, pumps are still synonymous with elegance even if they have become exclusively fashion accessories for the fairer sex.

Elegant pump for a chic look

From convenience to trend

While heels were made to offer convenience and practicality before, pumps have evolved into wardrobe staples.

You can wear pumps day or night. At the moment of the Chamberlan house pumps, you can adopt a whole series of different styles.

Comfortable made in france pumps

Pumps to suit your look

To be elegant in all circumstances, you can choose a wide range of shoes from the Chamberlan art workshop.

You can choose your pair of pumps to go to work. Opt for example for the elegant Paname in velvet or foal. Pair your shoes with a black skirt and a fluid top to embody class.

To attend a gala or social evenings

If you want to be at the forefront of the trend, bring out your best assets during the big nights. With your evening dress, choose the Montmartre or Paname pumps.

To go into town

If you’re going out to shop, run errands, or have a date, you can wear pumps. Your choice may be towards lower heels to enjoy comfort. A flowing dress, a leather skirt with a lace top go perfectly with your Chamberlan pumps.

For a night

In the evening, the pumps are also at the rendezvous. If you want to dine in a restaurant or if you go out with friends, the Bagatelle and Bellecour ranges will be perfect. Complete your outfit with denim pants and a blouse or jumpsuit. Bright colors are also great for bringing a touch of modernity to your outfit.

Here are the pumps available at Chamberlan:

Elegant golden pumps