The Chamberlan art studio

More than 250 operations to give life to the pair of your dreams

“A unique know-how, at the crossroads between technique and aesthetics. »

The workshop

Nestled in the heart of the Périgord Vert, it is in the town of Saint Martial de Valette that the Atelier d’Art de la Maison is located. At the heart of the Atelier, the craftsmen master a know-how forgotten in France. Innovation and technology come together to create unique shoes that perfectly fit the foot and the desires of each individual.


The realization of the patronage of your model is at the heart of the creation. It is with attention that our patternmaker will study the morphology of each of your feet as well as the model and the materials you have chosen to create a pattern to your measurements. It is from this pattern that each of the pieces of your model will be cut by the expert hands of our artisan cutter.


The stitchers then take over.
With delicate gestures, these little hands with nimble fingers will assemble the pieces and make the stem. So many knacks that make the magic of Chamberlan shoes.

The dream begins to take shape…


The final stage of manufacturing, assembly gives life and unity to your pair of shoes. This step requires great dexterity: from fitting the “insole” to grooming and fitting the heel, each operation is carried out with the greatest care. The fitter meticulously assembles the pieces by hand on the wooden last until your pair of shoes come to life.

Our shoemakers