In the 1960s, babies ceased to be shoes for little girls to become an essential part of yéyé fashion and those famous baby doll silhouettes. Whether patent leather babies or glitter babies, babies are everywhere
whatever the season. They can be worn with socks for a fashionable style when it’s cold and can also be worn barefoot at Chamberlan thanks to the extreme comfort of the insoles. Babies are also available
in made-to-measure shoes to obtain absolute comfort. They will quickly become your new favorite walking shoes or wedding shoes!

Why babies are an essential part of our wardrobe?

Whether you choose made-to-measure or classic babies, baby shoes remain timeless. In women’s shoe wardrobes, it is advisable to have at least one model of babies to match them with skirts or pants. Babies shoes are the equivalent of women’s pumps for the days when you want to be elegant without overdoing it.

Why choose made-to-measure babies?

Whichever shoe you choose, a custom-made shoe will always be more comfortable. Chamberlan offers you to make your custom shoes in Paris.

Why not get married in babies?

We are all looking for comfortable women’s wedding shoes, being closed and comfortable, babies are a good option for a winter wedding shoe. It’s hard to find wedding shoes that are comfortable and suitable for winter weddings, wedding pumps are a good option, but for a more babydoll look opt for wedding shoes with silver sequins or champagne sequins.