Women’s boots from Maison Chamberlan
are made in France, in the Atelier d’Art Chamberlan.
Recognized manufacturer of made-to-measure shoes,
Chamberlan offers boots in standard sizes and boots
tailor-made, adjusted to the shape of the foot and the curve of the leg.

Faithful companion of our winter wardrobes, the boot is the essential accessory to be warm while being elegant. Thus, Chamberlan creates and manufactures many models of boots in France: flat or heeled boots, in shiny patent leather, smooth leather, matte leather, velvet, suede and suede.
Chamberlan boots are available in standard size, but it is also possible to have a custom-made boot made. Made-to-measure boots are adjusted to the shape of the foot and leg, in order to fit all women, even those with sensitive feet, thin calves or strong calves. Sensitive feet will necessarily find what they are looking for with made-to-measure boots since they are both elegant and comfortable.
The made-to-measure boot is fully customizable and available in a wide choice of colors to satisfy classic and timeless tastes as well as original desires. You can choose the materials, colors, height and shape of your heel. Round toe or pointed toe, you’ll have enough to find a shoe that suits you!
Meticulously crafted by our workshops, all Chamberlan boots are made in France, by hand, in the heart of the Périgord Vert in the small town of Nontron. A region with ancestral know-how, which has been perpetuated for several centuries.