It was at the Court of Versailles that pumps were worn for the first time in history. A symbol of elegance and sophistication, these delicate shoes that allow you to slender the silhouette have not ceased to be an essential fashion accessory.
since the 17th century: yellow pumps, orange pumps, gold pumps, burgundy pumps, gray pumps, varnished red pumps, sky blue pumps, multicolored pumps, anything goes. Maison Chamberlan maintains this ancestral tradition of elegance
à la française, by offering pointed toe pumps, round toe pumps and pumps of different heights. To be able to allow all women to own comfortable pumps, Maison Chamberlan offers pumps in
tailor-made as well as customizable pumps. You can thus create a closed pump, an 8cm heel pump or even a platform pump.

What is the ideal height for a shoe?

Choosing the height of the heel of your pumps is not easy, between a sexy and feminine 10 cm heel and a discreet and comfortable 8 cm heel. Fortunately, at Chamberlan, you don’t have to choose between comfort and elegance. Chamberlan manufactures shoes on demand, so you can choose the heel height of the pump, an 8 cm heel, a 10 cm heel or a flat heel.

Which pumps shoes as wedding shoes?

Wedding pumps are a classic of feminine elegance. For a wedding pump, you can choose a pink pump, a glitter pump, a gold pump. And why not choose even more original colors that are not commonly associated with the wedding world, such as a yellow pump, an orange pump or even a red patent pump?

For comfortable wedding pumps make sure the heel is not too high compared to the heel height you usually wear.

Why do you need custom-made shoes?

Opting for made-to-measure is a very good choice because 40% of women have a half-size difference or more between the two feet. Choosing tailor-made pumps as wedding shoes is the guarantee of having comfortable wedding shoes. Chamberlan manufactures made-to-measure shoes that you can personalize by choosing the height of the heel, and the shape of the heel. Having custom-made pumps also makes it possible to adapt the neckline on the birth of the toes.