Sandals are the first shoes that man invented to wear, combining elegance, comfort and sobriety. Whether as office shoes or as wedding shoes, Maison Chamberlan sandals meet
to all comfort and style requirements. We offer customizable sandals as well as made-to-measure sandals to adapt to all foot morphologies. Maison Chamberlan has developed comfortable and flexible soles to allow
your sandals to become your new favorite walking shoes for spring and summer.

Why are sandals the ideal wedding shoes?

The sandals allow a good support of the foot while letting it breathe. The sandal is the perfect wedding shoe because it is a comfortable wedding shoe. To be comfortable in these shoes throughout the evening, it is essential that the foot breathes. At Chamberlan, we manufacture all our wedding sandals with an absorbent sockliner that allows the shoe to breathe.

Which wedding sandal color to choose?

For wedding shoes; you can choose either a metallic color to match your jewelry: gold wedding shoes, silver wedding shoes or champagne or even rose gold wedding shoes.

You can of course opt for white wedding shoes, classic and elegant, you can’t go wrong.

Or you can decide to decide with unexpected bridal shoes, matching your wedding bouquet for example.

Why choose made-to-measure sandals?

Like all custom-made shoes, custom-made sandals will allow you to obtain better comfort than in standard size sandals; a custom-made sandal will also have the advantage of discreetly correcting a difference in length between the two feet. Chamberlan manufactures made-to-measure shoes on demand in 7 weeks.