The word “mule” comes from the Latin mulleus calceus which means red or purple. Worn by high magistrates, recognized since antiquity for their elegance and comfort, mules
were popularized in the 1950s when Marilyn Monroe adopted them. Mules give this nonchalantly chic side, perfect for achieving a casual chic look. Maison Chamberlan offers many customizations to create the mule that suits you,
with availability in several heel heights, 5.5 cm heel. or 7.5 cm heel. Mules are comfortable shoes that can also be worn as wedding shoes.

Why choose mules as wedding shoes?

To have comfortable wedding shoes, but which remain chic and elegant, we recommend mules. If you want golden wedding shoes or glitter wedding shoes, all our mules are available on demand in a large number of different colors: silver glitter, champagne glitter, powder pink, etc….

What is the ideal heel height for mules?

For your mules, as for all our customizable shoes, you choose the heel height according to your preferences. To have a comfortable shoe, it is better to opt for a heel height that you are already used to. A 7.5 heel will elongate your silhouette and remain very stable thanks to its thickness, however a 5.5 cm heel.

Mules, with or without strap?

At Chamberlan, as a bootmaker and shoe manufacturer, you have the choice between the two possibilities, a strapped mule, or a simple mule.

  • Mules Beau Rivage 55

    315,00 315,00 TTC

    Square heel 55mm

    Mermaid Big Sequin Mules with crossed straps

  • With the Beau Rivage mule, Chamberlan’s emblematic summer model, comfort and aesthetics are in the spotlight for a chic and relaxed look.
    – Leather sole with anti-slip insert
    – Coated square heel
    – Heel height: 7,5cm
    – Made in France