Born several centuries BC, the wader was for a long time worn only by men, and more precisely by soldiers. Thigh high boots and boots became popular in the fashion world in the 1960s with the arrival of the mini-skirt
and the liberation of morals. Symbols of the emancipation of women and essential allies to face the winter, waders have become an essential part of our winter wardrobes. Maison Chamberlan manufactures tailor-made shoes on demand,
Bespoke waders are also available.

How to wear thigh high boots?

Thigh high boots are comfortable winter shoes that can be combined with many outfits. Waders have the advantage of being warm shoes.

To wear them without making a fashion faux pas, we advise you to match your waders with your skirts, long or short. You can also wear your waders over pants to keep you warm as much as possible.

Why have custom-made waders?

Every woman is unique and so are her legs and feet. Choosing tailor-made shoes ensures you a comfortable shoe. In addition, by opting for custom-made waders, you can choose the height of the waders as well as the width of the calf and the ankle, it is an ideal solution for women with a thin calf, a thin ankle, or a wide calf and thick ankle.

What color should you choose for your waders?

If this is your first pair of waders and you want to keep it classic, it’s best to opt for a classic shoe color, such as black or brown waders.

If you are used to wearing color, or if you already have black waders, let yourself be tempted by a beautiful red or khaki green wader, with a rich material such as suede or suede leather.