Value together


Shoes, handbags, clothes,… We use these everyday objects automatically. But behind each of them hides a story and faces. The story is that of the territory from which they come. And these territories were present at the Élysée on January 18 and 19, 2020 for the “Made in France” exhibition .

Shoe exhibitions at the Élysée

Cultivate a skill


Maison Chamberlan was thus exhibited in the heart of the Élysée Palace, at the foot Gerbes French tights , emblem of French and artisanal tights manufacturing. Gerbes tights are made to measure, in the color of your choice and available only on request. It is therefore quite natural that they have been put forward alongside exhibitors of “Made In France” know-how. This event allowed us to share our know-how to discover our shoes and our universe.

Exhibition of shoes at the Élysée

To hire


At the crossroads, between craftsmanship and innovation, Maison Chamberlan today embodies
Tomorrow’s Craft Company
By combining the know-how of our craftsmen with the latest technologies, we allow women to order the pair of their dreams.
A fully personalized pair, produced on demand, in standard size or, the height of luxury, to the measurements of their feet.

Shoe exhibition at the Elysée