Size guide according to the type of shoes

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The choice of shoes is decisive for the enhancement of women’s outfits. When you opt for a pair of boots, pumps, sneakers or flat sandals, you add a little extra touch to your overall look.

Also, the shoes reflect your tastes, but also your personality. It is therefore important to choose them well by finding the right balance between comfort and design. Finding the right model is already a step, but you still have to find the right size.

For all the times you want to order shoes but can’t try them on, check out our article for details on the size guide.

Understand the different units of measurement

The shoe size initially refers to the piece of leather that is used to make the shoes. When a metric system did not yet exist, shoemakers used their own units of measurement.

The most widespread in Europe is the point of Paris FR whose unit represents 2/3 centimeter or 0.666 centimeter. The United Kingdom and Italy, on the other hand, use their own measure. The Italian IT point is identical to the Paris FR point, but shifted one size lower. The English point UK, on the other hand, is equivalent to 1/3 of an inch or 0.846 centimeter. US shoe sizes for Americans are the same as English ones. They are just shifted by a point and a half more.

A woman with a foot of 23.7 centimeters then wears a 37 in size FR. It is 36 in IT size, 4 in UK size and 5.5 in US size.

As it is easy to get lost between these different units of measurement, the Mondopoint was recently created in order to standardize the measurement of feet. Although little used, its practical and precise side is very appreciated. It determines the actual dimensions of the feet in millimeters.

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Take your foot measurements

To find the right size, you need to have your foot measurements and know how to take them correctly. Measurements should be from the end of your heel to the end of your biggest toe. If you have difficulty taking the measurement, get help from a third party. The other option you have is to use a sheet of paper one size larger than your foot.

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Place the sheet of paper on flat ground. Avoid placing it on soft surfaces, such as carpets, to avoid measurement errors. Then put a bare foot on the sheet and trace the outline. Take the measurements in millimeters of the distance between the big toe and the heel.

For more precision, place the sheet of paper against a wall and have your foot touch the wall. Mark a pencil line on the place of your heel before placing your bare foot there. Then make a mark on the biggest toe and take the measurement. During the process, remember to take the measurement of your two feet and remember that of the stronger foot.

Also know that the length between the wrist and the bend of your elbow is equivalent to the length of your foot. After taking the measurement of your feet, therefore, carry out a check along your arms.

Having an accurate measurement of your feet will allow you to have more comfort when you go to wear the shoes. Also, it is advisable to recheck measurements from time to time because measurements may change over time. With La Maison Chamberlan in Paris, manufacturer of made-to-measure shoes, you will be guided to take the measurement of your feet before any order. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Refer to the size guide

Sizes may vary by manufacturer. Having great ease and comfort from the first use would therefore be a luxury. As a reference, find in this table the equivalences between the different units of measurement FR, IT, UK and US.

For your online shoe orders, if the size of your feet in centimeters is between two sizes, remember to take the larger size. You can then get an insole to adjust the shoes to your size.

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Calculate your shoe size

Having a size guide at hand is not always easy. But be aware that it is possible for you to determine your shoe size using a calculation, using the point of Paris. After taking the measurement of your feet, add 1 centimeter to it and divide it by 2/3 (i.e. 0.666). Your shoe size is then obtained from the whole result. For example, if your foot measures 24 cm, the calculation is as follows: (24 + 1 cm)/ (2/3) = 37.5.

You also have the possibility of using instruments such as the perimeter or the brannock. This is a graduated tool that you will just place your feet flat on and read your shoe size on the tool.