The Cabourg sandal

What is the origin of the Cabourg de Chamberlan heeled sandals?

Inspired by the pretty town of Cabourg and its mythical beach, Maison Chamberlan has created the magnificent pair of shoes bearing its name, the Cabourg summer sandal .

This women’s summer sandal is the result of a long process, between our designer, Sophie Engster and our shoemakers from Dordogne who imagined, shaped and created this sandal in summer colors.

Why is the Cabourg heeled sandal the favorite model of our customers?

Both comfortable and elegant , the Cabourg summer sandals will not leave your feet all summer long, nor in the evening! His secret? The use of extremely supple suede and smooth leather, which perfectly matches the shape of the foot. Both slender feet and wide feet are perfectly fitted . In addition, the arch, extremely soft and comfortable, offers unprecedented comfort and support. The ankle strap also provides extra comfort and gently hugs the ankle.

When can I wear Cabourg heeled sandals?

This summer pair is mainly worn in spring summer, but can also be worn in winter. Whether with a little black dress, jeans or even with an evening dress or a pretty formal dress, this wonderful summer sandal adapts to all styles. Do not hesitate to play with the colors as well as the shape of the heel. Square heels, fine heels or intermediate heels , you will find the shape of heel that suits you. In addition, there are different heel heights. You can choose the flat sandal, the medium-heeled sandal or the high-heeled shoe.