Culture is an art

“Always with the idea of sharing more with you, Art at Chamberlan is committed to making art and culture accessible to everyone. In order to illuminate artistic creation, we rely on temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, in our shop at 5 rue Rouget de Lisle, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. »

Sophie Engster & Franck Le Franc
Co-founders of Chamberlan Paris

Parisian concept store exhibition

Since my earliest childhood, I have observed Nature. With intensity. Animals, plants, minerals. Insects opened the doors to a fascinating parallel world for me. I discovered a wealth of shapes, textures and colors unequaled in the rest of the animal world.

French artist exhibited in Paris

The creativity of life seems limitless, serving a divine aesthetic. Since then, I have never stopped sharing my passion but also my convictions. The other is not necessarily frightening and the difference is necessarily interesting. She teaches us to look first and feel this emotion that invades us when our bearings vanish. To then analyze the future of humanity, intimately linked to the inspired contemplation of Nature. Finally, to initiate a quest for beauty. Not a vain beauty, quite the contrary. A beauty essential to our thirst for art, for the absolute, for transcendence which makes us human beings and which poses the immanent question of the origin of creation.


Artist on display in the Chamberlan concept store