Les chaussures sur-mesure Chamberlan sont fabriqués en France, au cœur de la Dordogne dans la petite ville de Saint Martial de Valette. Chamberlan dispose de son propre atelier : tous les souliers sont fabriqués à la main par nos artisans d’art.

Simply download the "Chamberlan" mobile application from the AppStore (available now) or Google Play (from the end of November 2016).
Login with your Chamberlan account credentials.
Then enter the name of the person whose measurements you are going to record. <Print out the Chamberlan measurement sheet: with a simple click from the mobile application, it will be sent to the email address you provided when you created your account. Then follow the instructions in the email and in the application.

Once you have entered your measurements and you have validated your order, our craftsman formier will study the pictures of your feet to reconstitute your feet in 3 dimensions and extract all the measures necessary for the realization of your made-to-measure shoes. If the pictures taken do not allow us to reconstitute your feet in 3 dimensions, we will contact you as soon as possible to ask you to take your measurements again.

If you take your measurements but you have not yet placed an order, your measurements will be recorded and kept for a period of one year in our database.
Our craftsman will study the pictures of your feet and will proceed to the extraction of your measurements as soon as you have validated your order. We will then inform you if your measurements have been validated or if it is necessary to take new measurements.

You can place your order on our online shop without first taking your measurements. You then have 4 weeks to take your measurements - or those of the person for whom the shoes are intended - and then link them to your order.
After this period and unless you contraindicate otherwise, your order will be cancelled and your credit card will be re-credited with the amount of your purchase. The pair(s) you ordered will automatically be kept in your wardrobe and you can easily order them again.

The Chamberlan application is currently available on the AppStore. It is compatible with iphone 5, 5s and 6, 6s, 6+ and 7. You will soon be able to download our application on google play.

In order to log in, you must use the same login details that you used to create your account on chamberlan.com.

To take your measurements, you need to print out the measurement sheet. This is available in the mobile application when you click on "Add a measurement". It is also available in the menu at the top left of the home screen.

Once your smartphone is positioned correctly, the photograph is automatically triggered. In order for the picture to be taken:
- You must have placed your foot in the centre of the measurement sheet
- You must then adjust the "bubble level" (the circle in the centre at the bottom of the screen) so that the "bubble" turns green. As long as the bubble is red, the shot cannot be taken.
- Once the bubble level is green, you must make the 6 circles on your screen coincide with the circles on the measurement sheet.
- Read the instructions on the screen carefully before each shot. <Then slowly adjust the position of your smartphone, from left to right, and also play with the height of your smartphone in relation to the sheet: <For standing shots (1 and 2), the smartphone should be at about hip height (an approximate indication, as it depends on your height)
o For the first sitting shots (3 and 4), the smartphone should be at about knee height (an approximate indication, as it depends on your height)
o For external shots (5 and 6), your smartphone should be positioned at thigh height. For view 5, the smarpthone is at mid-thigh level, for view 6, your smartphone must be moved to knee level.
o For internal shots (7 and 8), your smartphone must be positioned at thigh level. For view 7, the smarpthone is at mid-thigh level, for view 8, you must move your smartphone at knee level.

Click on the "Create" tab.
You can access the models by clicking on a shoe category or on a collection.
You then have a selection of shoes designed by Louis Cardin. Select one of his models. You have the possibility to order it as the designer imagined it or to modify it as you wish: heel height, materials and colours.

We offer the following materials: velvet goat leather, smooth lamb leather, patent leather and silk satin, available in a range of colours.
You can view the different selections of colours and materials online in the "Create" section.

Our prices vary according to the ranges and models and are indicated at the bottom right, in the creative workshop. The choice of the material and the heel has no impact on the price.

Gamme Vendôme :
- Ballerinas: 595 €
- Court shoes: 795 €

- Montmartre range :
- Ballerinas: 495 €
- Court shoes: 695 €.

As the articles are custom-made, it is unfortunately impossible to cancel or modify an order placed.

As the articles are custom-made, payment must be made at the time of the order.

The delivery time is 7 weeks from the day of the validation of your measurements by our craftsman formier. We will keep you informed of the date of validation of your measurements as well as at the time of shipment of your shoes to the address indicated.

Les frais de livraison vous sont offerts pour toute livraison en France métropolitaine. En dehors de la France métropolitaine, les frais de livraison varient en fonction du pays d’expédition. Ils seront indiqués dans votre panier juste avant le paiement de votre commande.

Chamberlan shoes are shipped all over the world.

We invite you to contact our Customer Service Department so that we can remedy the problem you have encountered.

Your Chamberlan shoes are luxury products and it is necessary to pay special attention to them in order to preserve their exceptional character. Here are a few general tips and simple gestures to follow on a daily basis:
Do not wear your shoes for more than two consecutive days in order to allow the leather fibres to breathe. <Store your custom-made shoes in the pouch provided to protect them from humidity, light, dust...Before wearing them, make sure to remove any dirt that may have settled on them with a soft cloth. To keep your custom-made shoes in shape, use shoe trees. Use a shoehorn to avoid damaging the back of your custom-made shoes when you put them on. <Replace the heel caps (plastic parts under the heel to prevent wear and tear) of your shoes before they become too worn out, as repair is no longer possible after a certain level of wear and tear. Avoid exposure to any source of heat, light or humidity. Protect your shoes from any chemical or greasy substances. <In order to avoid damaging Chamberlan metal accessories, avoid contact with water, perfume, lacquer and do not use chemical cleaning products to clean them. In case of heavy rain, dry your shoes by placing them on their side, away from any source of heat.

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