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Our shoes are made by our craftsmen, in our own workshop, in France, in the heart of Périgord Vert, in the village of Saint Martial de Valette.

At CHAMBERLAN, personalizing your shoes means having the possibility of choosing the height of your heel, the materials and the colours.
A pair of made-to-measure shoes is a pair made to the measurements of your feet, in order to guarantee you exceptional comfort. Measurements are taken in store, in Paris, at 5, rue Rouget de Lisle.

After taking measurements of your feet in our Parisian boutique, our design office will create a shape to your measurements, then pattern the model you have selected, to the measurements of your feet.
The workshop will then take over to make your pair: a unique pair, to your measurements.


You can order your pair directly on our website, but measurements are taken in our Parisian boutique at 5 rue Rouget de Lisle 75001 Paris
Like made-to-measure, you must make an appointment in our Parisian boutique so that we can accompany you in your creation and offer you the possibility of creating an absolutely unique pair of shoes. You will be able to select the heel, my materials and the colors that suit you.
In order to make a pair of shoes to the measurements of your feet, several additional steps are necessary, such as making a pair of lasts to your measurements as well as a pattern adapted to your morphology.
As a result, an additional €300 is added to the initial price.
The price of a personalized pair of shoes identical to that of a “classic” pair
All you have to do is go to our Parisian boutique or to one of our distributors.
Your CHAMBERLAN shoes are luxury products and it is necessary to give them special attention in order to preserve their exceptional character. Here are some general tips and simple things to do on a daily basis:
– Store your made-to-measure shoes in their box, in order to protect them from humidity, light, dust…Be sure to remove any dirt that may have settled on them with a soft cloth.
– To keep your shoes in shape, use shoe trees.
– Use a shoehorn so as not to damage the back of your made-to-measure shoes when putting them on.
– Have the high tips (plastic parts under the heel preventing wear) of your shoes replaced before they are too worn out, as repair is no longer possible after a certain level of wear.
– Avoid exposure to any source of heat, light or humidity.
– Protect your shoes from any chemical or greasy substance.
– In order not to alter Chamberlan metal accessories, avoid all contact with water, perfume, hairspray and do not use cleaning chemicals to clean them.
In case of heavy rain, dry your shoes by positioning them on the side, away from any heat source.
CHAMBERLAN is committed to an eco-responsible approach.
Because it seems essential to us today to approach fashion differently and thus avoid an insane overproduction that consumes capital and resources, we have chosen to produce our models on demand.

Your pair will thus be launched in production as soon as your order is validated and will be manufactured in France, within the Atelier Chamberlan, located in the heart of Périgord Vert.

To help you, you can refer to our size guide for each model.

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