Marry Flat

You can’t imagine getting married in heels either because you’re afraid of overtaking your dear husband or because you’re not used to wearing heels at all? The cliché of the bride dressed in 4 pins with stiletto heels does not attract you? it is impossible for you to wear heels for more than 10 minutes?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you don’t want to get married in heels, and no bride should feel pressured to wear shoes she doesn’t feel comfortable in.

At Chamberlan we have thought about brides who wish to get married flat and we have developed several models to enhance the silhouette and your outfit while being flat. For a successful wedding outfit, it is just a matter of choosing shoes in which you will be comfortable and which will best associate with your wedding dress and your wedding theme.

Flat bridal shoes are becoming more and more common, for comfort reasons or because the bride does not want to be too tall. Getting married flat can be very elegant and refined. In order not to appear neglected, you have to invest in pretty materials and in a brand that offers quality summer sandals, such as the Gaia sandal from the Chamberlan brand.

The advantage of having flat bridal shoes is that you will feel comfortable all day long and comfortable for dancing. You can also imagine flat shoes only at the end of the evening: by planning the hemline in advance with the designer of your dress, you can very well change the height of your heels during the evening, and why not even go from 10 cm. at 2 cm. at the end of marriage!

comfortable wedding sandal to get married flat
Flat wedding shoe to get married flat

Flat shoes at Chamberlan:

For a bohemian wedding ; with a dress reminiscent of antiquity , a fountain dispensing wine, and soft cushions to be able to dine lying down like the Romans and massive silver dishes overflowing with fruit; we recommend a model like our Gaia model. This model of flat summer sandal enriched with a shape memory sole will allow you to combine elegance and comfort until the end of the night.

For a deliciously retro wedding; with guinguette garlands, outdoor buffets on large wooden tables with mismatched chairs around them, and a groom and a bride who will set sail for their wedding night on a Vespa; we recommend the baby doll model. This baby will seduce you with its vintage look and flashy patent leather. The baby doll model is available in two heights, either in a flat heel or in 4.5cm high heels. It is available in many colors: