How to choose your wedding shoes?

Nothing worse than uncomfortable summer sandals to ruin the best day of your life. But don’t worry, in this article we will give you all the keys to finding wedding sandals :

  • flexible
  • feminine
  • elegant
  • distinguished
  • comfortable

What you find there among the many models of sandals that you will find in the Spring-Summer sandals collections.

Choose your wedding shoes


Rule number one is to wear comfortable summer sandals . That is to say that the first time you try them, you feel supported and you do not feel any discomfort. For the wedding day, you need shoes adapted to the morphology of your foot. That is to say wedding sandals suitable for hallux valgus, or wedding sandals with orthopedic insoles, or simply if you do not have a particular foot problem, but just sensitive feet, high flexible sandals of range. This advice is the same regardless of the type of bridal shoes you are looking for:

  • sandals
  • mules
  • pumps
  • ballet flats
  • ankle boots


It’s tempting to want to step out of your comfort zone for your wedding by wearing high-heeled summer sandals, for example (for once, it’s the occasion), and yet it’s a pretty bad idea to choose stiletto heels, because who says stepping out of your comfort zone says discomfort. But you want to be as comfortable as possible in your bridal shoes . If you want to change your habits for D-Day, remember to bring a spare pair with lower heels that are closer to the height you are used to wearing. Note that less than 2 cm difference between your two pairs, it will not be seen at the hem of the dress, however your back and your feet will thank you.

Comfortable wedding shoes