How to find the right pair of high heels ?

If your bust is a cup size C, are you going to be looking to staple a size A bra? And if you managed to put it on, would you be sure to feel at your best?

This principle also applies to shoes . Neither too big, nor too narrow, nor too short or too wide, the shoes must be adapted to the morphology of your feet. The ideal remains of course, if possible, to opt for custom pumps .

An improper fit can cause serious injury and lingering pain that reduces the interest and value of investing in your new heels .

What is the weight test?

Before you even think about putting on the shoes you just found, make sure they are stable.

The exercise is simple:

– lay the shoes on a flat surface devoid of any relief, whether on the floor, a display or the counter of the store.

– tap each of the shoes with your fingertips in a lateral movement from right to left, as if you wanted to knock them off.

These should not tip over. If they shake or wobble at the slightest tap, it’s because the architecture of the shoe is poorly designed and its weight is unbalanced. If the shoe is unstable, your ankles will have to work harder to compensate for this defect.

Each shoe being unique, it is in your best interest to try on 2 identical pairs of the same size . Sometimes the right or left foot does not show the same signs of stability. Ask the salesperson to bring you another pair and choose the combination that will wobble the least.

Before buying a shoe , it should be weighed, indeed it is necessary to buy a shoe whose weight is balanced. Take a shoe in each hand and weigh it. If the heel is considerably heavier than the toe, it is very likely that you will have difficulty maintaining the shoe firmly in place: your heel will tend to leave the shoe with each step and you will be forced to clench your toes excessively in order to retain the shoe on your feet , which will have the effect of causing severe cramps in your calves, particularly at the back of the knee.

Why favor the purchase of shoes with pads?

When buying a pair of shoes , do not hesitate to look inside the shoe to see if it has a pad. Some manufacturers like Chamberlan take the trouble to enrich their pumps with shape memory pads. These precious pads will allow you to lengthen your evenings and gain in comfort . Conversely, if the shoe you fell on is deprived of its pads, you can expect to have sore feet and not be able to support it for very long. However, if the shoe is not too narrow, you can add a small pad yourself, preferably in leather.

What form of shoe should I take?

Opt for a shoe that naturally molds to the shape of your foot , which is sometimes difficult to implement, since fashion pushes us towards creations that seriously compress our toes.

Always put on both shoes before buying them. Sometimes there are big differences between our left foot and our right foot.

The ideal for those who have a big difference between the right foot and the left foot, remains the purchase of custom-made pumps . However, if the purchase of custom-made pumps represents too large a budget, when buying a pair of shoes