Chamberlan reseller interview – Flora Houche

Flora Houche is a designer of wedding dresses. She wants to participate and encourage a clothing industry that respects people and the planet. In a logic of sustainable development, Flora Houche basically makes two-piece wedding dresses with a top and a skirt so you can wear them for other occasions by mismatching them.

What is your job ?

“I created my company through which I offer services and model making.

I currently work for several brands such as Isabelle Marant, Balmain, Yves Saint-Laurent: I help them on the production side of the pieces.

Beyond being a service provider, I also launched my own brand, I have a somewhat showcase collection to avoid waste.

I only make clothes in 36 and 38 quite simply because they are my size and that allows me, if I don’t sell them, to be able to wear them. I am also a trainer, I train people to do my job on computer software.

But the part of my work that I prefer and on which I am most in demand is the tailor-made part.

I have a lot of people who come to have their wedding dresses made-to-measure and suddenly it’s really a unique model.

Flora Houche designer of bespoke wedding dresses

I draw the model for them and then I make it from A to Z. The showcase collection is a little out of step with what is currently offered everywhere in the shops, it’s a bit deliberate: it’s to show and offer an offer that’s a little different from the others, that is to say with pants, jumpsuits, playsuits, crop tops, and skirts. I don’t exhibit dresses there and that’s on purpose, the goal is to be able to wear your wedding outfit: we mismatch for every day instead of having an outfit that we buy and which will stay in a closet : the crop-top can be worn with jeans and this allows for a casual look. Even if it means making tailor- made for your wedding, you might as well invest in beautiful pieces that you can easily wear.”

How did you come to do the job you do today?

“I studied 7 years in fashion and 2 years under a professionalization contract. During my last assignment, I spent 4 years at Isabel Marant. I was her technical right-hand man so I attended all the fittings; I managed all the production part, especially the production of the collections. Subsequently, I wanted to set up my company, the one in which I still work today.”

wedding dress designer