“Once upon a time, the shoes of your Dreams ...
Shoes designer, bespoke shoes made by French Artisans of Art. ”

The art of shoemaking

The House of Chamberlan combines the latest technologies with the know-how of its craftsmen to reinvent luxury footwear.
We make our customers' dreams come true by offering them unique shoes, made to measure.
Sophie Engster & Franck Le Franc, Co-founders

CHAMBERLAN - Tailor-made shoes

1. Artisan of art who worked during the 19th century in a chambered room by candlelight, whose flame he increased by a system of glass globes filled with water.

2. A name that aptly expresses the values of craftsmanship, tradition, innovation and excellence that guide the House.

DOUBLE INFINITE, 88 and its emblem:

1. Two intertwined eights, symbol of infinity and eternal renewal, distinctive signs that embody the spirit of the House.

2. 8.8 cm, height of the emblematic heel of the House.

3. Chamberlan's infinite possibilities.

The Bootmaker / vocation :

1. The art workshop that shapes and gives life to the shoes created with four hands by Louis Cardin and women.

2. Artisanal manufacture of the excellence which confers on the shoes the supplement of soul of the articles of exception. 

The application Mobile / sesame : 

1. Unique 3D application to take measurements via a smartphone.

2. Virtual bootmaker.

3. Taking measurements without an appointment.


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