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Pascal Goet Exhibition

31 March 2022|Newspaper|

Culture is an art “Always with the idea of sharing more with you, Art at Chamberlan is committed to making art and culture accessible to everyone. In order to illuminate artistic creation, [...]

What are the 3 pairs of shoes to have?

17 January 2022|Newspaper|

What are the 3 pairs of shoes to have? The pump is a classic of women's fashion, any outfit associated with pumps will become chic and distinguished. Pumps are the ideal ally [...]

Marry flat?

13 January 2022|Newspaper|

Marry Flat You can't imagine getting married in heels either because you're afraid of overtaking your dear husband or because you're not used to wearing heels at all? The [...]

How to choose your wedding shoes?

10 January 2022|Newspaper|

How to choose your wedding shoes? Nothing worse than uncomfortable summer sandals to ruin the best day of your life. But don't worry, in this article we will give you all the [...]

Cat Sirot Exhibition

4 January 2022|Newspaper|

Cat Sirot exhibition at Chamberlan Painter and sculptor, Cat Sirot constantly explores new artistic practices. Creating, innovating, giving free rein to his creative energy give substance to multi-form works, nourished by a [...]

Audrey Cusey exhibition

4 January 2022|Newspaper|

Find the Audrey Cusey exhibition in the Chamberlan space at 5 rue Rouget de Lisle in Paris. As a young artist, it was while working with the scenographer Natacha Markoff [...]

How to choose your pumps?

5 May 2021|Newspaper|

Do you often wonder how to choose your pumps? Here are some tips for making your choice. Pumps: fashion footwear through history and outfits Fashion is constantly changing, but there are a few [...]

Chamberlan à l’Élysée

25 June 2020|Newspaper|

Value together COMMON VALUES Shoes, handbags, clothes,… We use these everyday objects automatically. But behind each of them hides a story and faces. The story is that of the territory from which they [...]

Collaboration Jeanne Source

8 April 2020|Newspaper|

Collaboration Jeanne Source x Chamberlan Freshness and style, with a touch of impertinence. The wedding dress house Jeanne Source and Chamberlan unveil for this year 2020 the images of [...]

Rosé Pop-Up Store

17 January 2020|Newspaper|

The newspaper News and advice Maison Chamberlan is a concept store bringing together women's brands and made in France, including Chamberlan shoes . The goal is to discover French [...]

Chamberlan in Paris Place Vendome

1 October 2019|Newspaper|

Choose your season NEW Each season, Chamberlan enriches its offer by proposing new models , new heels as well as new materials and colors. We want to put our expertise and our know-how [...]