Sandals: fashion footwear through history and outfits

For centuries, sandals have always been present in the daily life of successive generations. From ancient times to our present time, these shoes reflect every civilization, social status, style and even season. Focus on the history of these types of accessories as well as the outfits to adopt depending on the model chosen.

Sandals: the oldest shoes in the world

The design of the first models of sandals dates back more than 10,000 years. Research has uncovered the oldest sandals in a cave in Oregon (in the Fort Rock Cave). Since then, various more modern versions have been born. There are in particular:

  • Roman caligae : laced sandals with leather straps
  • Japanese geta : with a wooden structure and fabric straps
  • Tabis : these are Japanese socks from the old days
  • The paduka : sandals made up of wooden soles and metal heels

In 10,000 years of existence, these shoes have evolved. Many materials are used and multitudes of shapes have been designed.

Sandals: shoes of distinction

The concept of sandals is to protect the feet from the heat of the ground while letting them breathe. The first sandals were therefore made to be practical and for a specific use.

Over the centuries, sandals have become symbols of fashion, prosperity and elegance.

Sandals in Ancient Egypt

Among the Egyptians, sandals were intended primarily for members of the royal family and high-ranking people. It was forbidden for slaves to wear them. Priests, on the other hand, could only wear sandals made of plant fibers.

Note that the most beautiful pairs of Egyptian sandals are the offerings in the tombs. These shoes are made entirely of gold.

Sandals in Greek Mythology

In ancient Greece as with famous Greek heroes, a single sandal was usually worn. Wearing a sandal was a sign of religious devotion. The right foot is generally the shoed foot, because the latter is linked to life and to the celestial deities. This unique shoe was beautifully decorated with beads and buckles.

It can therefore be concluded that sandals are the origin of shoes that reflect value, class and prestige. It is in this perspective that Chamberlan creates sandals that allow you to embody elegance in all circumstances.

Sandals nowadays: between practicality and elegance

Heeled sandals

There are countless models of heeled sandals including mules and wedge sandals. These heeled shoes are suitable for going to work, for attending a party or attending an event. The different models can reveal the toes and/or the heels. In any case, you can find a pair that can meet your requirements.

The flat sandals

These are the most popular shoes during the summer. Comfortable and light, these are sandals that are suitable for summer dresses and beach outfits. You can opt for strappy models. These are similar to traditional Greek sandals.