autumn winter
Maison Chamberlan manufactures on demand models of comfortable and elegant autumn winter shoes to accompany you during the cold season. Maison Chamberlan offers to personalize all winter models by choosing the height of the
heel and customizing the color. Our boots, our ankle boots and our waders are available in made-to-measure, to adapt to all morphologies and all tastes.

What are the ideal shoes for mid-season?

Mid-season can sometimes be mild, but rarely dry. It is therefore important to opt for models of closed, water-resistant shoes, such as babies in patent leather or our models of ankle boots.

To be comfortable in these winter shoes, it may sometimes be necessary to choose made-to-measure shoes.

How to maintain these winter shoes?

In winter, rain can damage leather or suede, we advise you to waterproof all your winter suede shoes as well as your winter leather shoes. To maintain the leather, we advise you to feed it with special leather milk, so that it retains its elasticity despite the bad weather linked to the climate. Be sure to put a pad on your leather shoes before winter to feel well insulated from the cold ground and to prevent water seeping into your shoes.

Which shoe to be original in winter?

In winter everything is often dull and bland, you can concoct an original look by betting on an unexpected color of waders, boots or ankle boots, such as olive, passion red or even hazelnut ankle boots.

At Chamberlan all our models are created on demand, and all our shoe models are customizable, so you can create an original winter shoe.