The Cabourg Sandal embodies the excellence of Chamberlan’s bootmaking know-how. It is the ideal sandal for weddings under the August sun. The Cabourg sandal is designed to adapt to variations in foot size in summer. The material
flexible sandals allows your feet to be comfortable even on the hottest days. Since its creation, the Cabourg has been the iconic model of the Chamberlan house and has already won over many women thanks to its timeless design and its comfort.
Available for customization, the Cabourg exists in a multitude of colors, and for even more comfort the Cabourg sandal is also available in made-to-measure.

What makes Cabourg exceptional?

The Cabourg is a sandal specially designed to be a bridal shoe. Indeed it is a comfortable and flexible wedding shoe with a timeless design. The combination of suede goatskin and metallic lambskin gives the shoe its refined and delicate look. Cabourg sandals are also available in customization and available in champagne metallic leather, rose gold metallic leather or champagne metallic leather.

What colors should you choose for your Cabourg?

At Chamberlan, bootmaker and craftsman, we will tell you that you can have all the colors of Cabourg sandals, and even with different heel shapes, as well as different heel heights. For a cocktail party or an evening, we advise you to have black and gold Cabourg sandals created. For the summer, we strongly advise you to opt for comfortable and flexible sandals like the Cabourg and a light-colored sandal that evokes summer like an orange sandal or a rose gold sandal.

What height and what shape of heel for Cabourg sandals?

Cabourg sandals are available in several heel heights: 5.5 cm heel, 6.8 cm heel, 7.5 cm heel. and 8.8 cm heel. The Cabourg sandal is also available in different heel shapes: a thin heel, a medium heel and a square heel. According to your wishes, you can adapt the heel of the Cabourg sandal to create the shoe of your dreams.