Since 2015, Maison Chamberlan has been offering models of summer shoes that combine fashion and healthy feet: sandals and mules. Everything is designed to protect your feet from overheating, and your back from vertiginous arches, each model also has several foot support points for better comfort and a more elegant gait. Maison Chamberlan embellishes all these summer models with a shape memory sole, and for even more comfort, all our sandals are available in made-to-measure and personalization.

Which material to choose for summer shoes?

For comfortable summer shoes, it is better to choose a soft material such as suede leather for the Cabourg sandal or smooth leather. Strapped shoes like the Portofino or the Pompidou will also be very pleasant to wear in case of high heat because they will hold the foot while letting it breathe.

Which sandal to choose to be original in summer?

Chamberlan has been making custom shoes and customizable shoes since 2015; thanks to shoe customization, each woman can have unique sandals that look like her: orange sandals, rose gold sandals, pink glitter sandals, champagne sandals.

For a classic look, the Palmyre model is ideal, in smooth leather or velvet it will give a very BCGG look, and for a slightly offbeat side you can also have it covered in sequins.

The Cabourg sandal will be ideal for perfecting a romantic look, this sandal being available in several heel heights and in several heel shapes, it can adapt to all desires.

The Très Beau Rivage mule will give you a rock-and-roll look. This glitter sandal, available in a wide choice of colors, will add some pep to all your outfits.

Why is Chamberlan a specialist in wedding sandals?

At Chamberlan we have a know-how that we put since the creation of the company, at the service of brides. Thanks to our comfortable shoes, Chamberlan was quickly acclaimed in the wedding world. Our shoemakers know all the tricks to make bridal shoes comfortable: an absorbent sockliner, a shape-memory sole, and supple leather that adapts to temperature variations. For even more comfort, Chamberlan also manufactures made-to-measure shoes.