The mule: fashion shoe through history and outfits

The mule is a very chic, elegant and above all timeless fashion shoe. Crossing history and the perpetual changes of the fashion world, mule shoes have been on the rise lately. Boudoir mules were a hit with wealthy women in the 1700s. Created by experienced bootmakers with quality materials.

Mules have always been so-called “luxury” shoes reserved for high-class women. The boudoir mules of the time were made with very delicate materials such as silk, embroidery and high-end fabrics. Now, mules are created with leather , denim, suede, lace, etc., a wide selection of materials that allows you to create a bespoke pair at Maison Chamberlan .

Treat yourself to bespoke mules from Chamberlan and bring a new on-trend piece to your look.

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A pair of mules for a touch of elegance

Wearing flat or heeled mules is not that complicated, you just have to find the right combination of outfits.

If you plan to wear flat mules in a solid color, preferably understated, you can put on a colourful, floral or printed flowing dress for an elegant, yet classic look. For a more casual style , you can wear flat mules with a loose T-shirt and denim shorts or mom shorts.

Since mules are mainly worn in mid-season and during the summer period, they are to be preferred for the evenings. You can choose the evening dress that makes you feel comfortable to dance and add the block heel mules, you will be sensational. Indeed, this model of shoe can be worn with short or long dresses, the palazzo, the jumpsuit… The ideal outfits for an evening with friends, and even for a date, that’s okay!

Mules are not only worn to complement an evening outfit. They go well with everyday casual outfits :

  • mom shorts
  • shorts
  • boyfriend jeans pants
  • large size t-shirt dress
  • Loose t-shirt

If you’re lost in the choice of day or evening outfits, don’t worry, opt for mules with block heels. These adapt to all types of women and all styles of clothing:

  • palazzo
  • denim skirt
  • denim shorts
  • leggings
  • mini skirt
  • dress of all kinds
  • skinny jeans
  • culottes
  • jumpsuit
  • playsuit

To enhance your outfit, don’t forget to wear matching accessories with your look:

  • shoulder strap
  • choker necklace or
  • jumper
  • bracelet
  • earring
  • fashion sunglasses
  • Panama

Custom creation and 100% made in France

Maison Chamberlan offers you the tailor-made manufacture of your mule shoes according to your needs. Our ancestral and artisanal know-how allows us to produce high quality, unique and comfortable shoes. We create 100% made in France shoes with top-of-the-range materials. You can place an order using our Chamberlan application for taking measurements and choosing materials.

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