4 tips for wearing high-heeled shoes

Heeled shoes can go with different outfits. They are ready to embellish our look whatever our style of the day. Their sensual and elegant sides make us fall under their spell. But it is often difficult to make the choice between comfort and aesthetics . Although high heels can refine our silhouette and bring us a touch of elegance, wearing them can be a great embarrassment. Follow our advice to be comfortable in your heeled shoes.

Wearing heeled shoes well: choosing the right shoes

The first step to being comfortable in your shoes is choosing the right pair . You then need to find the size that will make your feet comfortable. For the size, know that you can make 36 for one brand and 37 for another.

As much as possible, favor a fitting before a purchase . If you have to buy your pairs online, it’s best to get a slightly larger pair than a smaller one . Also remember to double-check your foot measurements. They can, in fact, lengthen and widen change over the years.

For the choice of heels, know that it is easier to walk with a thick sole than a thinner sole . Also, the flexible rubber, cork and rubber soles provide better shock absorption. Also favor platform shoes for your first experiences with heels.

The comfort they provide will allow your feet to last all day with high heels. Also, if you are new to heels, choose a model with straps to hold your ankles in place. You can also choose open toe pairs.

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Wearing high-heeled shoes well: staying elegant in your approach

Posture is very important when wearing heels. Before learning to walk with it, you must first find your balance by standing. You will be able to take photos at your ease and hold long conversations without torturing your feet.

To make your steps delicate, start by taking small steps with your shoes. You will be able to look good and be more comfortable. You must remember that the knees should not be more bent than usual and the toes pointing well forward.

When you start walking, remember to support yourself on your heels. Your weight then rests more on the heels than on the toes. Gracefully place the heel on the floor before dropping the toes. Proceed forward as if you are going to tiptoe and continue with another step, just as small. Follow an imaginary straight line crossing your feet and swinging your hips slightly.

To maintain the correct position, always keep your head straight and aligned with your back. With shoulders back and arms relaxed, you will be able to display more femininity and self-confidence. The chin parallel to the ground will also allow you to be seen as a woman who is comfortable in her skin and comfortable in her shoes. As much as possible therefore, look straight ahead instead of staring at the ground. Remember that a straight posture is the key so that heeled shoes can beautify your silhouette.

Wearing heeled shoes correctly: using comfort accessories

If despite these previous tips, your feet are still suffering martyrdom after a day in heeled shoes, consider using accessories that optimize comfort. This will allow you to solve problems such as the appearance of additional blisters, slipping feet, friction…

Accessories such as pads, skates, insoles, and heel protectors can help you. They can be fixed inside the shoes to absorb shocks and pressure.

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