What are the 3 pairs of shoes to have?

The pump is a classic of women’s fashion, any outfit associated with pumps will become chic and distinguished. Pumps are the ideal ally of our wardrobes since they are a sign of timeless femininity. No need to have hundreds of pumps. In reality, 3 pumps are enough to cover a wide variety of outfits. In this article we will explain to you which are the 3 types of pumps to have, but before that let’s see 4 advice to follow to choose these pumps.

How to decide the height of your heel for pumps?

To be sure that you can take advantage of these pumps, you must first think about choosing a height that suits you, even if we all dream of being elegant and perched on 12 cm, it is not possible for everyone. and it’s definitely not good for your back. So be realistic when buying a pair of pumps and take a height in which you feel comfortable from the first fitting in store.

How do I know if the arch of the shoe suits me?

Also pay attention to the arch of the shoe when you try them on in the store. The shoes must fit the natural arch of your foot, you must immediately feel comfortable. If something bothers you during the fitting in the store, do not take the pumps.

Which pump material to choose for comfortable pumps?

When buying a shoe, also pay attention to the material, drop synthetic materials and varnishes that are too flashy and rigid. If you decide to invest in patent shoes, go to a specialized brand of good quality and which offers soft patent shoes like the Chamberlan brand. Soft leather and nubuck are perfect models for you comfortable and elegant heeled shoes.

What is the best heel shape to be comfortable in your pumps?

Finally it is advisable to choose a suitable form of heel, go for a thin heel which will refine your silhouette but avoid at all costs the style is high with an ultra thin heel. At some brands like the Chamberlan brand you can also find a medium heel between the thin and the wide, the medium heel is ideal to give you a working woman look while providing you with maximum comfort.

To be sure you can accessorize your outfits well, there are a few pairs of pumps you absolutely must have in your wardrobe to cover all styles, from the classic chic look to the romantic chic look.

Why wear a Nude pump?

The nude patent pump is a basic to own, elegant and timeless, it will lengthen your leg and can easily be combined with many outfits. The nude pump can easily be associated with a wide variety of colors and will be easy to wear in summer with bare legs.

Trendy nude pump

Why is the black pump still a must?

The black patent leather pump another basic to have, this pump will allow you to easily obtain a sophisticated and professional look, and it will be the ideal ally when you lack inspiration to dress: a little black dress, your black pumps, and that’s it!

Elegant and trendy black pumps
Chic and comfortable and trendy black pump