What pair of shoes for a winter wedding?

What could be better for a friendly wedding than a wedding in winter. All the guests will indeed be able to gather by the fireside, the night which falls quickly will invite your loved ones and your family to gather together in the warmth to celebrate your union.

Winter weddings often have fairytale and cocooning themes, you can make the place warm by adding rugs and cushions as well as faux animal skins.

There are many advantages to getting married in winter:

  • your place of reception will cost you less,
  • you can treat yourself more on the wedding menu
  • for winter weddings, you are guaranteed to have more people available to attend your wedding.
wedding in winter with comfortable white boots

For a winter wedding you must have bridal shoes that cover your toes so you don’t get cold. Several winter shoe options are then available to you:

Comfortable wedding pumps for winter

Like any bridal shoe, your winter wedding shoes should be very comfortable , and for optimal comfort nothing better than made -to-measure shoes. Since 2015, Chamberlan has been manufacturing tailor-made shoes for brides and for women with sensitive feet.